Monday, May 23, 2011

Under the knife...

Readers of Rantifestos,
Tomorrow I'm having surgery on my right knee to reconstruct a torn ACl as well as to repair the medial and lateral menisci. I would greatly appreciate your prayers! It is truly such a blessing to lean on and realize the sovereignty of God in times like this. I realize that the surgery is by no means extensively invasive or risky, but nonetheless it is still surgery. The Lord is in control, however, and to that I cling. Also, on a more blogging-related note, I will finally have time to begin the spiritual warfare well as blog on many more topics that I have as of late been too busy to sit down and devote time to. You'll probably be hearing a lot from me since I'll be largely incapacitated for a few weeks. I look forward to writing! See you on the other side...

grace and peace,


Also, if you enjoy medically-related things a good video of an ACL reconstruction can be found here  


  1.  Will be praying my friend!

  2. Thanks Johnny :) 'Tis much appreciated